MultiCh Bagheera od Vltavské stráně


Expectant of titles GrandCh Cz and InterCh



Stud book registration: 313/3
Breeder: Jana Jedličková
Owner: Alena Mastilová


Born: 21.07.2010
Height: 54cm
Weight: 30kg
Teeth: full dentition, scissors bite


HD (hip dysplasia) – A/A
ED (elbow dysplasia) – 0/0


Genetic tests:
PRA-prcd N/N


Dog Shows:
BIS III, BOB, CACIB, 2x Res.CACIB, 2x National Winner, 13x CAC, 11x Res.CAC, 2x Winner Class, 2x Regional Winner


Working tests:
Mandatory test OVVR – “Retrievers ability exam“  I.prize (222 points) Nose 4
Fall cold game test  I.prize (183 points) Nose 4



Data K9




C.I.B.,MultiCh, GrandCh, WorkCh, ClubCh
Chuck Berry Artemis Gold“U“


MultiCh, IntCh, GrandCh, ClubCh
Watterloo Misantos

IntCh, MultiCh

Inassicas Coriander

Brenda of Dream Team


Ch Cz

Sequins Shakira“U“


Royal Commander du Pays de Boheme


Sequins Sycamore


Valentina Libošovská Blata


JCh Cz, Ch Cz, Ch Sk

Gryffindor Junior the Best Baron“U“


Xanthos Gryffindor

JCh Slo/She, Ch Slo

Timeless Golden Amy my Love


Amy-Bett Brdské Zlato

IntCh, MultiCh, JCh Sk

Ashbury Touch the Sky

MultiCh, DualCh

Delibes´s Golden Marian“U“




We brought our Yasmine home from a small village in south Bohemia Drahotesice, from a Vltavska stran kennel. She was tiny white cutie, which brought a lot of sunshine to our lives. Since the beginning she was very smart, fast-learner. She inherited show and work dispositions from her father. She is very talented and keen worker, sometimes she has a mind of her own.


We enjoy the show ring very much, and of course when it happens and we win it makes us very proud.


Yasmine is a Champion of CZ, SK and PL. Expectant of titles Czech Grandchampion and International Champion. We attend training camps and events throughout the year. There we train and prepare ourselves for working trials. Now we have completed the Mandatory test OVVR “Retrievers ability exam” and “ Fall cold game test”, which allows us to take part in hunts. This year, before we will have our first litter, we would like to pass one more exam.

Yasmine is a lady with a big heart for us. Her nature is very lovely and well-tempered. She is enjoying a company of people as well as kids very much. She loves long walks and to play with her doggie friends. As many retrievers, she loves swimming very much. Agility and coursing are great fun to her, we are completing coursing license, so that she can take part in official trials as well.

She is a full member of our family, without her our life would be incomplete….